Scrunch Butt

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For the sexiest look on the beach, AMI Clubwear has scrunch butt swimsuits available in various colors. These sexy pucker back swimsuits will flatter your booty and give you tons of sex appeal. You’ll find dozens of titillating styles, from animal print swimsuits to tiny black bikinis, all available with a scrunch butt. Choose your favorite look for all of your warm-weather adventures.

The Power of the Pucker Back

If you’ve ever worn a scrunch butt swimsuit, then you know how appealing it is. The allure of wearing pucker back bathing suits is how they can lift your butt, give it shape and support. The suit style is designed to make you look even more stunning and provocative.

Scrunch Butt Bikinis

We have an awe-inspiring assortment of bright, colorful and unique pucker back swimsuits for you to choose from. You can get bikinis in red, white, and blue with the American flag proudly plastered on the top to celebrate July 4th. Or you may prefer pastel purples and pinks with a bit of lace to give you a more innocent look while playing on the beach. Whatever color or style you choose, we have your booty covered!

Wonderful One-Piece Pucker Backs

One-piece scrunch butt swimsuits come in an array of colors to suit any taste. You’ll find stunning shades of green with sequined bows, glamorous gold one-piece monokinis to set you apart from the rest, and sexy silver metallic suits that will transform you into a stunner. One-piece pucker backs will help lift and shape your derriere, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the sun.

Explore the range of scrunch butt swimsuits at AMI Clubwear for something new to wear this summer.