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If you're looking for costume ideas that are similar in style but not as potentially offensive, here are some options:

  1. Gothic or Dark Nun: You can create a Gothic or dark nun costume by wearing a black dress or robe with a black veil, and adding some dramatic makeup and accessories such as a skull necklace or black rosary beads.

  2. Sexy Zombie Nun: If you're looking for a scary costume, you can dress up as a zombie nun by using a white or black robe and veil, and adding some fake blood and zombie makeup.

  3. Nun of the Tropics: You can create a more colorful and fun nun costume by using a white or beige dress, a colorful floral headpiece, and some fun accessories like sunglasses and flip flops.

  4. Naughty Nun: I must warn you that this option can be considered offensive to some people, but if you're looking for a more risqué costume, you can wear a short, tight black dress or skirt, and add some fishnet stockings and high heels. This type of costume may not be appropriate for all audiences and should be approached with caution.