Sexy Geisha Costume


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Geisha costumes are traditional outfits worn by geishas, who are skilled artists trained in various Japanese performing arts, such as dance, music, and conversation. Geishas are known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a white face, red lips, and elaborate hairstyles.

The geisha costume typically consists of several layers of clothing. The undergarment is a white kimono called nagajuban, which is worn next to the skin. Over the nagajuban, a geisha wears a colorful silk kimono called a furisode, which has long sleeves that trail behind her as she walks.

A wide sash called an obi is wrapped tightly around the waist, with the knot and bow positioned at the back. The obi is often elaborately decorated with embroidery, painting, or brocade patterns.

Geishas also wear special footwear called zori or geta, which are wooden sandals with a thong strap. The sandals are designed to create a distinctive sound when the geisha walks, adding to her grace and elegance.

In addition to the clothing, geishas also wear intricate hairstyles, which are often styled with elaborate hairpins and ornaments, such as flowers, combs, and ribbons.