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Women's Sexy Clothing

In our store, you can find everything from sexy clothing perfect for the club to formal dresses fit for a ball. Need an evening dress for a black tie event, or a party dress that will make sure that you are the center of attention. You can find different sexy dresses in tons of styles to set fire to that next event you plan on attending! If your looking for sexy clothes that are high quality and without a high price tag then AMI is perfect for you. Get the designer look with out the designer price. AMI is famous for having the same style sexy clothing as your favorite celebrity but at prices we can all afford.

Birthday Dresses & Outfits

 What should i wear on my birthday? This is a question that we are all troubled with every year. When its your party you should always wear a birthday dress that is super sexy and will have you over dresses for the occasion. It's your night and all eyes are on you so make sure your birthday outfit makes the right statement. So what should you wear to a adult birthday party if its not your day? Its like going to a wedding you never wanna steal the brides spotlight on her day. So try not to over dress when attending , people should still say OMG look at her but they should forget what you were wearing by the end of the night. Try a LBD or little black dress most of us should have one in the back of our closet for just this occasion.