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Shop sexy Playboy bunny costumes for cheap, the sexy playboy bunny costume section is updated daily at AMIClubwear. Sexy Playboy Bunny costumes are a type of sexy outfit inspired by the Playboy brand, which is known for its adult-oriented entertainment and lifestyle content. The Playboy Bunny costume is most famously associated with the Playboy Clubs, which were upscale nightclubs that operated from the 1960s to the 1980s. The costume is characterized by a corset-style bodice, bunny ears, a bowtie collar, cuffs, and a fluffy tail. The costume is often designed to be provocative and alluring.

It's important to note that the sexy Playboy Bunny costume has been both celebrated for its iconic status and criticized for its objectification of women. The costume has evolved over the years, and its popularity has led to various adaptations and variations in design.