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Buy a sexy Mermaid costume for adults at cheap prices online, find sexy Mermaid costumes on sale now at Find little mermaid costumes for adult and bring our the Ariel princess in you. Cheap mermaid costumes for Halloween discount prices, buy cheap mermaid costumes that will last for years. Mermaid costumes are a popular and fun option for Halloween and other costume events. These costumes are inspired by the mythical creature of a half-human, half-fish, often depicted as having a beautiful tail, flowing hair, and seashell accessories. Mermaid costumes typically consist of a fitted or flowing mermaid tail skirt or dress, often made of shimmery fabrics such as sequins or iridescent scales. Some mermaid costumes may also feature a seashell or starfish bra top, or a flowy, sheer blouse. Accessories are also an important part of the mermaid costume. These may include a seaweed or coral headpiece, a trident or scepter, or seashell jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. When it comes to makeup and hair, a mermaid costume allows for creativity and fun. Many people opt for shimmering eye shadow in blue or green tones, glittery lip gloss, and beachy waves or braids in their hair. Mermaid costumes can be a great option for both adults and children, and they are a fun way to add some fantasy and magic to any costume event.