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Looking for a sexy Disney princess costume you should know Cinderella dresses and Princess Jasmine costumes are always the most popular sexy princesses for Halloween but don't sleep on sleeping beauty and snow white outfits they can be just as hot. 

Adult princess costumes are popular choices for Halloween, costume parties, and other themed events. These costumes allow adults to channel their inner royalty and embody the elegance and charm of classic fairy tale characters. Here are some ideas for adult princess costumes:

  1. Cinderella: Create the classic Cinderella look with a blue ball gown, matching gloves, glass slippers (or silver shoes), and a tiara. Consider adding a choker necklace and a pumpkin carriage prop to complete the look.

  2. Belle: Bring the beauty of Belle to life with a yellow ball gown reminiscent of her iconic dress from "Beauty and the Beast." Add a red rose accessory, a hairpiece, and a book prop for a touch of authenticity.

  3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): Embrace the elegance of Aurora with a pink or blue ball gown featuring delicate details. Accessorize with a tiara, gloves, and a spindle prop.

  4. Ariel (The Little Mermaid): Capture Ariel's adventurous spirit with a mermaid-style dress in shades of green or teal. Add a seashell tiara, red wig (if you're not naturally a redhead), and a dinglehopper prop (a fork).

  5. Snow White: Opt for a vibrant yellow dress with puffed sleeves to embody Snow White. A red ribbon headband, red bow, and an apple prop are great finishing touches.

  6. Jasmine (Aladdin): Create Jasmine's exotic look with a turquoise two-piece outfit or a harem-style jumpsuit. Add gold jewelry, a headpiece, and a magic lamp prop for extra flair.

  7. Rapunzel: Channel Rapunzel's long-haired charm with a purple dress featuring lace and floral details. Consider wearing a long blonde wig or braided hair extensions, and carry a frying pan prop for a fun touch.

  8. Elsa (Frozen): Showcase Elsa's icy elegance with a blue dress adorned with snowflake patterns. Add a snowflake tiara, a cape, and a snowflake wand or magic gloves.

  9. Anna (Frozen): Embrace Anna's warm and adventurous style with a green dress featuring a black bodice. Accessorize with a cape, a crown, and a plush Olaf toy.

  10. Merida (Brave): Capture Merida's fierce independence with a deep green dress and Celtic-inspired accessories. A bow and arrow set would be a fantastic prop for this costume.