Exotic Costume

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An exotic costume is just what you need to become someone else or embrace the style of a different culture. Experiment with different regions as you turn yourself into someone else for a party or for a little after-hours fun with someone special. Explore the boundaries of exotic style with the costumes available at AMI Clubwear. Do you want to pretend to be a geisha for a little while? Maybe you want to act like you’re the sultry ruler of Egypt. Whatever the case, you can find a spicy costume here.

Provocative Costumes from Around the World

Travel the world without ever leaving your hometown – or your bedroom or your favorite party scene. The exotic costumes at AMI Clubwear make it possible for you to transform yourself into a woman from the world. Pick out a sexy kimono and dress up as a geisha, complete with a fan and a coquette’s smile. We have all sorts of kimonos to choose from, which means that you can pick your poison.

Get lost in the desert sands when you wear a costume that would make Cleopatra green with envy. If you want to recapture the magic of the Arabian Nights, then check out a princess costume that puts Jasmine to shame.

With the exotic styles we have in stock, you can play a rousing – and arousing – game of cowboys and Indians with your lover or you can tap into your inner Grecian goddess. Don’t be limited. Let your imagination run wild. You can check out our props and accessories to add some extra oomph to looks.

Shop for to-die-for exotic costumes at AMI Clubwear, where the prices are so nice that you can easily justify snagging several new costumes.