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Rave clothing is a style of clothing that is often worn to rave parties and electronic dance music (EDM) festivals. Rave clothing is typically characterized by its bright colors, bold patterns, and eye-catching designs, often incorporating neon or glow-in-the-dark elements. The style is heavily influenced by the electronic dance music scene, as well as by club and rave culture.

Common types of rave clothing for women include crop tops, bodysuits, mini dresses, neon leggings, and high-waisted shorts. Accessories such as colorful leg warmers, platform boots, and beaded bracelets are also popular. Men's rave clothing often includes graphic t-shirts, tank tops, cargo pants, and hoodies.

Rave clothing can be functional as well as stylish, with many items designed to be comfortable and easy to move in, allowing for freedom of movement and dancing. Many rave clothing items also incorporate practical features such as hidden pockets or waterproof materials.

Rave clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with a growing number of online retailers and boutique shops catering to the rave and festival market. However, it's important to note that rave culture and fashion can be controversial and may be associated with drug use and other risky behaviors. It's important to approach rave culture with respect and to prioritize personal safety and well-being.