Little Black Bikinis

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Having a sexy black bikini is just as important as having a little black dress. Our little black bikinis are among our most popular swimsuits for a reason. Allow yourself to be delighted and tempted by the wide array of styles available. Whatever type you choose will make you look spectacular on the beach or by the pool. You can wear your bikini while you bask in the sun, and then you can pull on a short skirt or short shorts to go clubbing when you’re done.

Strapless LBBs

If you’re looking for sex appeal, then our strapless, sexy black bikinis will make you ooze it. Discover an array of strapless bikinis with ruffles, along with bandeau-style tops that will keep you from getting tan lines on your shoulders. You’ll be smoking hot, and it won’t be from the sun! Choosing a strapless LLB will make you a showstopper.

Embellished Bikinis

Some days you need a little black bikini with some extra va-va-voom to make you feel gorgeous. Consider one of our embellished black bikinis with rhinestones, crystals, and jewels. It will give you that unique look you’re after. A few rhinestones here, a crystal there, or a jewel or two on your bosom will make a massive statement.

Get your sexy black bikini from AMI Clubwear today so you’ll be ready for the beach tomorrow. Choose a strapless black bikini, one full of glitz and glamour, or a more traditional LBB for fun times in the sun this summer! Take advantage of our competitive prices to stock up on the latest swimsuit trends.