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 Extreme Bikinis

The two-piece bikini made a splash (literally!) at a Paris pool in 1946. With every sexy evolution since then, we’ve gotten closer to the awesome extreme bikini, and no one does it better than AMI Clubwear. Modern, hot, and sure to showcase all your hills and valleys with just a little lift and pop action. Take a casual stroll down the beach in one of these two-pieces and anyone who catches a glimpse is sure to go to pieces.

This expertly fitted extreme push up swimwear is discreet enough to leave a little to the imagination, but hot enough to show out at any pool party where the waiters serve champagne, and the party-goers serve looks. Bust out of the ordinary, and make your own huge splash by putting your best features forward with super hot bikini stylings, all at an unbeatable price.  

Beyond Beachwear

The extreme bikini does a lot with a little -- good news if you get a wild urge to hop a plane and party on stranger tides. Whether you’re poolside in Vegas, strutting alongside the palm trees of South Beach, or taking in some sun on a private sailboat with your besties, pack light with a swimsuit that does the heavy lifting for you. Extreme push up swimwear is the sunny season’s best bet at making a lasting impression. Perfect for laying out on the sand or snapping some sexy selfies for the ’gram, you’ll want to stock up on colors and cuts for sure. Luckily, AMI Clubwear offers amazing prices, hassle-free returns, and doorbuster sales that’ll keep you in sexy styles all year round.