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Women's bathing suits are a type of swimwear designed specifically for women. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate different body types and personal preferences.

One-piece bathing suits are a classic style of women's swimwear that cover the entire torso, and may come with a variety of features such as cutouts, plunging necklines, and ruching to flatter different body types. They are often chosen by women who prefer more coverage or support, or who want a classic, timeless look.

Bikinis are another popular style of women's bathing suit that feature two separate pieces: a top and a bottom. Bikini tops may come in a variety of styles, including bandeau, halter, and triangle, and may offer different levels of coverage and support. Bikini bottoms may also vary in coverage, with options including full coverage, Brazilian, and thong.

Tankinis are a hybrid style of women's swimwear that combine the coverage of a one-piece with the convenience and comfort of a two-piece. They typically feature a tank-style top that covers the stomach and a bikini bottom, and are often chosen by women who want more coverage in the stomach area.

Swimsuits may also come in a variety of materials, including spandex, polyester, and nylon, and may feature additional design elements such as ruffles, bows, or prints.

When shopping for women's bathing suits, it is important to choose a style and fit that is comfortable and flattering. It is also important to choose a suit that is appropriate for the activity, whether it be lounging by the pool, swimming laps, or playing beach volleyball.